Workshed is a coworking community that aims to provide a workspace that is comfortable and affordable for freelancers and startups to nurture and grow their businesses. We are a dynamic coworking community of startup founders, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small teams who are working to build dreams. Workshed is about community just as much as it is about space. We are tailored to different personalities or businesses making it easy to work, learn, and network with likeminded people. Being surrounded by likeminded individuals will help keep you focused. If you’re surrounded by hard workers it’s bound to rub off… eventually. Every space is only as strong as its members, so we encourage you to not be afraid to come out to events, meet new people, and pull other members in on projects that make sense.

Our Mission & Vision

At Workshed, we believe entrepreneurs in the start-up phase and small teams should have the opportunity to work in a decent environment that promotes efficiency. Our goal is to provide such workers with beautiful workspaces they can call home without breaking the bank. Workshed’s mission is to ‘promote growth by creating a community workspace that caters to the needs of young entrepreneurs, and provide a comfortable working environment that helps spark creativity and increase productivity.’

Our Brand Promise

'Relate, Innovate, Grow' (RIG) We at Workshed are committed to ensuring that our members scale the ranks in business by gathering the necessary connections, advice and skills. We designed our space to suit different work and lifestyles.

What We Stand For

Incredible Networking

As an entrepreneur, networking is a critical key to your growth. Be part of a community, expand your professional and personal network, share ideas and collaborate on projects too large to handle all alone. We provide a community where you can establish relationships beneficial for your growth.





Our Story

The founders of Workshed, envisioned a working area that could cater to the needs of young business people. Being young entrepreneurs, we were hit by harsh realities of setting up a business, prominent among these was high commercial rent rates and terms that are not startup-friendly, so we decided to create a solution. The result is Workshed. We wanted to build a community, aesthetically pleasing, with a comfortable and collaborative environment for innovators and startups to think through, create new ideas and develop their solutions. By not demanding rent advance and offering flexible payment terms, we aim to lower the startup barriers, thus promoting and supporting many young business people in Ghana.

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