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We have carefully designed the Shed while thinking of You; the creator, the freelancer, the entrepreneur, the small business team. We thought of how and what you will need to work. Our well spaced desks and sitting areas make it not only efficient to work in, but also collaborative enough to know what cool things other teams are working on.From the window-facing seats that give you a view of the bustling Spintex Road to working near the coffee bar, you are bound to enjoy your working experience and produce more. We created these ergonomic spaces for YOU.We are strategically located too - 3.6km from Junction Mall; 10km from Accra Mall; 12km from A & C Mall; 15 Km from Tema Port. Looking to grab a bite during lunchtime? Eddy's Pizza and KFC are within 5 minutes' walking distance; Papa's Pizza is an eight minute stroll; KFC is 1.2 km away. We are where the action is.

We are Workshed! Let Us Work!

Workspace Features & Benefits

>Excellent Location

Located in the bustling Baatsona quarter of the Spintex Road, we have created a serene working environment, offering you a perfect blend. Carefully embedded in the midst of commercial and residential establishments, our building is conveniently located close to several points of interest.

>Incredible Networking

As an entrepreneur, networking is a critical key to your growth. Be part of a community, expand your professional and personal network, share ideas and collaborate on projects too large to handle all alone. We provide a community where you can establish relationships beneficial for your growth.

>Happy Hour

A casual atmosphere allows people to loosen up and interact informally, resulting in an alternative mode of knowledge transfer. The after-work happy-hour events at Workshed are designed for de-stressing and promoting coworker interaction. Relax, network and catch some fun at our after-work cocktails and networking events.

>Dedicated Wi-Fi

Having reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Experience fast and reliable WiFi that would keep you connected and allow you to get your work done. As a Workshed member, you get a dedicated WiFi service because your work and its success are important to us.


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