Know our community guidelines



Do your part and be in the know about when it’s time to pack up for the day. Don’t assume that just because others are there, you don’t need to leave.


Covert Networking. While there will be times you’ll need to put your head down, remember, this is a collaborative space, and it’s supposed to be….Collaborative. So spend some time introducing yourself to your fellow co-workers and attending the happy hours or events held there.


Tell Your Friends About Workshed.


We find our business through word of mouth, so—assuming you’ve had a great experience (which you will)—help out and promote the space to your network. While paying it forward may sound like a lot of work, even seemingly small efforts can make a big difference. Follow the space on Twitter and Instagram, also feel free to post a few photos of the space on Instagram or Tumblr.


Mind Your Meal Manners. If there would be only one rule for all co-working spaces, it would be this: The kitchen is sacred—don’t mess it up


Be friendly. Introduce yourself to others. You’ll probably find other motivated hard workers like yourself. They can be great resources to bounce ideas off. Many a business have been formed based on common goals and complementary skills.


Be considerate and respectful of others. When you are finished using something, put it back the way you found it. Push the chairs back in, clean off workspaces. Always keep in mind you are sharing the space with others. 


Advertise yourself. If you want to share or test your marketing material, bring it to our community manager who would share it with the community. The more the community knows what you are about, the more buzz it can create for you. 


When it’s time for you to focus and do your productive work, the universal sign for “do not disturb” is to put on your headphones. If others have headphones on, that’s a sign they have serious work to get done.


Phone calls in the open space are fine, just talk at a normal volume and be aware it is an open space with the associated background noise. If you need privacy, are practicing aggressive negotiations or you have to yell at someone, book a meeting room, take a walk outside or use the insulated quiet of your car. On the flip side, if someone on a call disturbs you easily, a good set of headphones is a must. If you are on the phone a lot using your booming sales voice, a meeting room is your best bet.


Keep our space clean. When you leave, another person will most likely sit at that same spot. So please keep it clean and dispose your trash.


Workshed is a community; let us know of suggestions on how Workshed can make Workshed better. We’re interested in both large and small suggestions from what coffees should be in the coffee area to enhancements in the meeting rooms.


If you see someone that appears that they shouldn’t be in the building, tell the Community Manager, who is generally available.


Above all else, appreciate the host and respect your co-workers, and you'll have an incredible experience