Innovation Consulting


“An innovation will get traction only if it helps people get something that they're already doing in their lives done better.”

– Clayton M. Christensen

Great strategies set great companies apart from the rest. Companies are pressed to constantly innovate with their strategies. At Workshed, strategy is innovation.




Strategy. Innovation. Design

We combine sound business concepts in entrepreneurship, strategy, finance with the problem-solving principles of innovation and design thinking in solving challenges faced by organizations. Our services focus on, but not limited to, new venture design; business strategy; digital strategy and small-business financial planning.


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New Venture Design

You've got a great business idea and thinking of how to launch and sustainably grow. No need to stress. We've got you covered.

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Strategy & Innovation

You're thinking of how to make your business more competitive and agile? Yes, we've got you covered here too. Speak with us.

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Digital Strategy

You know digital is the future and thinking of how to take advantage of the several opportunities available to grow your business. Let's talk.