Our Journey


Two years ago, we started exploring the idea of starting an online fashion business. We soon found out that besides raising capital, one of the larger barriers small businesses and start-ups faced was finding a suite of services that would allow them to comfortably establish their businesses. Over a year of long nights later, we acquired a floor in an office complex in the thriving business district on the Spintex Road and turned it into Workshed. Shelving our online fashion business idea for a future time, we set up a co-working space; building and business services available for small business and start-ups. We like to refer to it as a launchpad for catapulting businesses to their dreams.

Workshed is an ecosystem of services and resources designed to help you achieve business success. The space is designed to reduce costs so you grow your business. In our view, using our co-working space gives the benefits of a centrally-located business at a more affordable price than a traditional commercial office space. The space options offer freelancers and individual entrepreneurs a chance to work in a fully equipped office without worrying about the costs of setting up an actual office. Working in a shared space allows you to operate without the need to pay the rent, fire insurance, office equipment and other expenses typically associated with having an office.

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.
— Albert Einstein

For us, a co-working community means being surrounded by potential partners, clients and mentors and just as important, equally talented members of varied industries. Not only does this build networks, but there’s readily available help for specific or time-sensitive tasks.

From ideation, planning, sourcing capital and working with limited resources, we have come to understand the idiosyncrasies of launching a business and what it takes to sustain it. This process has given us an appreciation of any and every venture we interact with. These interactions brought us to the realization that most small businesses were making mistakes that could cost them more than just their capital. For a large number of small businesses, there remains very little knowledge backing the business decisions being made. This is what inspired us to include the consulting line to our services.

Through our consulting service, we work with businesses to rethink ideas and decisions through the lenses of strategy and innovation for growth. Our work involves collaborating with clients to design and bring innovative businesses, products and services to life. In partnering with businesses, we journey with them to build more powerful businesses that will not only be sustainable but also substantial.

Good business needs value added solutions, and the core of what we do at Workshed is to enable the success of businesses through our three dominant areas of value added solutions; consulting, space and community.